SKU 201190

Fraise Crown cardboard scratcher is ideal for cats of all breeds as well as kittens.
This scratcher will be perfect for your cat if it enjoys leaping, running, and even flying—in other words, if it leads an active lifestyle.

DIMENSIONS: 71 х 31 х 22 cm
MAX. LOAD: 30 kg
MATERIALS: 84-layer corrugated cardboard
DESIGN: Floor-mounted, with hole
TYPE: Wave
Cats, as predators, have an instinctual need to scratch. While scratching, cats not only remove worn-out nails, but also establish their territory and do a kind of gymnastics. Home cats need to sharpen their claws just as badly, and this may cause damage to your couch, wallpaper, and other furniture and décor.
Frais Crown scratcher will assist in resolving this issue. Cats adore corrugated cardboard for a good reason: its structure is comparable to that of tree bark, which cats use to sharpen their claws in the wild.